Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why Your Bathroom Remodeler Should Improve Your Bath's Ventilation

For a bathroom to provide convenience and comfort, it has to be well-designed, with warm yet bright lighting, good-looking countertops, sufficient storage cabinets and shelves, and well-placed fixtures. Another essential factor that makes bathrooms a pleasant space is good ventilation. The telltale signs that a bathroom has improperly installed ventilation include; feeling stuffy or moist all the time or being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter due to outside air coming inside the bathroom space. A skilled bathroom remodeler can design a system to ensure that none of those conditions occur and that the bath has improved ventilation.

Dangers of Having Poor Bathroom Ventilation

The growth of mold and mildew is one of the obvious effects of a poorly ventilated bathroom. Mold can grow easily in places that are always damp, and to people who are sensitive to mold, this can be a major health concern. The moisture in the air can easily permeate ceiling and wall materials, causing organic materials such as paint resins, wood, and paper-faced wallboard in the adjacent rooms to become damp. Damp organic material is ideal mold food.

Ventilation Solutions: Ventilation Fans and Duct System

During a remodel, a ventilation fan - or fans, depending on the size of the bathroom - can be installed to greatly improve a bathroom's air quality. For ventilation fans to be effective, a well-designed duct system must be put in place. The shorter the duct is, the better it will be at providing good ventilation to the room. It's also important to use a duct large enough to achieve the right airflow.

Before starting a bathroom remodeling project, it's important to discuss and determine the design of the room, including its ventilation and duct system.

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