Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Creating Gorgeous and Relaxing Sunrooms with the Right Furnishings

When you want to be able to relax with a view of the outdoors without really having to stay outside your house, the sunroom is the perfect spot for you to hang out. Your sunroom will let you relax while showing you an expansive view of your backyard, allowing you to feel like you’re outdoors while enjoying the controlled comfort of your home. When creating your sunroom, you can add furniture and accessories to make the room cozy, comfortable, and stylish. 

Sun and Heat Resistance

Sunrooms are protected from the rain so you won't have to worry about damp furniture, but all furnishings are at the mercy of the sun. When building the sunroom, you might want to consider installing sun control window films. These films are designed to let light in and keep the heat and harmful UV rays out. Because heat and UV rays can damage furniture over time, you'll be able to protect them using sun control window films.

Additionally, you should choose furniture made with fabric that is sun proof. Most fabrics fade when exposed to sunlight and constant use over time, but sun proof fabrics can stay the same color longer, even under the harsh sun.

Outdoor Furniture

The sunroom is still part of the home and should be decorated similarly to the other spaces. Because this room should have the feel of the outdoors though, you can use furniture made with natural materials such as rattan and wicker. Depending on the design, you can also use traditional outdoor furniture like those made with wrought iron. Wrought iron chairs certainly give off an outdoors atmosphere; of course, you can make them comfortable, too, by adding cushions.

Window Treatments

Your sunroom will naturally have large windows in order to let in light, but let’s keep in mind that at times, you’ll also want some privacy. You can install blinds made with natural materials, shutters that can be stacked, or curtains made with light fabric, depending on the design of the sunroom.

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