Thursday, July 3, 2014

Some Creative Northampton Bathroom Design Ideas for Pre-teen Girls

"The sink should be within reach of the girls, and if not, a step-on should be provided. A good option are storage cabinets with built-in slide-out steps. The storage space should have handles that are also within the girls’ reach. Mornings don’t have to be problematic in households with pre-teen girls. A spare room can be turned into a tween girl’s bathroom with the help of remodeling experts like the ones from Valley Home Improvement, Inc. Home improvement professionals make sure that the design and construction of bathrooms in Northampton will go according to plan, and then some."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cool Ideas for Renovations in Northampton for a Pet-friendly Home

"Dogs typically don’t want to be left all alone at home, and that’s why a pet door will be beneficial; namely, it will let them come and go as they please. However, their owners first have to make sure that their fence is secure enough so their dog won’t stray into the neighbor’s yard. Cat owners, on the other hand, will benefit from having window screens installed to prevent cats from straying, but they should also make room for their cat’s viewing portal since cats love to observe their surroundings. Pet owners planning pet-friendly Northampton home improvement options can consider working with design-build experts like the ones from Valley Home Improvement, Inc. These professionals can help address pet owners’ concerns as early as the design phase for truly customized solutions in all aspects of the project."