Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kitchen Remodelers share Top Tips on Designing a Gourmet Cooking Space

Is it time to remodel your kitchen and finally give it the aesthetic and functional boost that it deserves? First ask yourself: how much do you love cooking? If you’re a certified foodie and you can’t stop thinking about the gourmet kitchens that you see in your favorite cooking shows, you should ask your trusted kitchen remodeler to turn your simple cooking space into something that you can be absolutely proud of—and happy to spend your culinary adventures in. Here are some ways to achieve a gourmet kitchen:

Invest in High-End Cooking Appliances

Other than making your kitchen look modern and classy, top-of-the-line cooking ranges and kitchen appliances also have fantastic features to make your tasks more convenient. You’ll have better control of the cooking heat and you can multi-task with just a push of the button. There’s no need for you to constantly check on your casserole or worry about burning anything in the oven.

Choose Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Since you’ll be doing a lot of cooking in your gourmet kitchen, spills and stains are unavoidable. You’d want countertops and table surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. Note that quartz is both a sustainable and highly stain-resistant choice. Moreover, stainless steel kitchen implements are likewise low-maintenance options, not to mention they look great.

Go for Task Lighting

Task lighting is a primary feature of a gourmet kitchen. It enables you to prepare food better since there are no shadows or inadequate light that would make it hard to see what you’re doing. Task lighting illuminates areas where you prep ingredients and cook, reducing the risk of making mistakes or experiencing other cooking mishaps. Proper task lighting also makes the kitchen look beautiful and creates a warm and clean ambiance.


7 Tips to Create a Gourmet Kitchen, Ron and Lisa

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