Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kitchen Remodelers Choose Glass Countertops as Alternative to Granite

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a house, so it's only natural to want your kitchen to be perfect. Your kitchen remodeler can draw up a design that includes all the features you want - from base cabinets and cupboards to beautiful countertops and islands. Whether you're simply updating the kitchen or completely upgrading the space, the products and materials available today can help make your dream of a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen a reality. 

During a kitchen remodel, one of the features you should focus on are the countertops, as they usually attract attention. You will also be using these surfaces so it's essential that you choose a material that's both great to work on and also beautiful such as glass.

Finding Alternatives

Granite is the material typically used in countertops. This is because granite does not easily get chipped or damaged, ages well, and is easy to clean. Another material that has become a favorite among designers and homeowners who want to have an elegant yet sturdy countertop is glass.


Despite how it looks, glass is extremely durable. Thick glass is typically used for countertops, and its strength is somewhat comparable to other stone materials. Admittedly, glass countertops can be chipped but only due to heavy impact.

Heat, Stain and Scratch-Resistant

Adding to glass' durability is its high resistance to heat, scratch and stain. This makes glass countertops very easy to maintain, much like other stone countertops.


Glass is highly customizable, and when combined with other elements, it can have an individualized look. You can add light underneath the glass or have it painted on the backside for a more dramatic feel. You can also decide on the finish, seams and accent of the glass countertop so that it matches the kitchen design.


If you're remodeling to make your home eco-friendly, then you can also use recycled glass. You can ask your remodeler for a countertop with a bright or contemporary design so as not to sacrifice aesthetics.

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