Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kitchen Remodeler Tips: Designing a Home Office Inside the Kitchen

At first thought, the only person who would probably need an office space in the kitchen would be a restaurateur or a chef—but adding a home office in your kitchen is a great way to boost your productivity at home! With a home office in your kitchen, you can easily sort bills, review emails, and other business tasks while waiting for sauces to simmer. It also serves as a great place for the kids to do their homework, allowing you to get dinner started while being a few feet away if they have any questions.

If you are interested in adding a home office inside your kitchen, be sure to speak with a respected kitchen remodeler like Valley Home Improvement. In particular, you’ll want to talk about the following:

Clearance from Prep Zones

When deciding where to put your new home office, be sure you place it away from food preparation zones. This keeps the area clear for when you’re cutting the vegetables and prevents sauces from staining any important business documents. You may also want to take note of how you move around your current kitchen and look for areas you rarely pass through. This would be an ideal spot for your new work space

Maximize the Potential of Walls

The wall your kitchen office will use doesn’t have to follow the décor of the rest of the kitchen. You may want to ask your contractor to replace the section between the cabinet and your desk with a cork panel. This would be a great spot to pin memos, reminders, or even a recipe you found online. It’s also a convenient place to hang car keys and other important items.

Install Enough Lighting

Situating a kitchen office near a window is a great way to let natural light illuminate the area. After all, studies have shown that natural light increases productivity. You may also wish to skip the usual desk lamp and have cabinet lighting installed for a more professional feel. This option also helps save space on your desk for other important items like a computer or a printer.


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