Monday, February 27, 2017

Bathroom Remodeler Tips: Making a Case for Installing Walk-In Showers

When it comes to bathroom remodels, homeowners may be interested in removing a bathtub or redesigning their existing shower. One of the most popular replacement options in such cases would be to have a bathroom remodeler install a walk-in shower.

Walk-in showers, similar to the ones you would find in a spa or country club, easily provide a glamorous touch to any bathroom. This is especially true when paired with beautiful glass tiles or porcelain tiles for a true spa-like look. On top of the aesthetic advantages, walk-in showers also bring the following benefits:

They Work Better in Smaller Spaces

If you are having a respected bathroom remodeler like Valley Home Improvement Inc. work on a guestroom bathroom, there is a chance that you’re working with a smaller space. In such cases, a walk-in shower is a perfect choice as it can easily be installed following the shape of a corner or the shortest wall, allowing you to maximize space. Using glass shower doors can help you make the entire bathroom appear bigger, as well as add a spa-like elegance to the bathroom that will surely impress your guests.

They’re Easy to Maintain

Cleaning bathrooms isn’t exactly anyone’s favorite chore, which is probably one of the biggest reasons why walk-in showers are so popular. Due to their design, walk-in showers do not have nooks and crannies that attract dirt and grime, making them significantly easier to clean. This saves you valuable time you can spend on your hobbies like working on your rose garden or painting your next masterpiece.

They’re the Safer Option

Many walk-in showers are specially designed to have no door. This eye-catching and unique design makes it easier for those who have mobility issues to get in and out of the shower. To accommodate the door-less entry, the interior is also specially engineered to trap water inside the shower, eliminating wet spots from the rest of the bathroom floor and reducing slip and fall accidents.


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