Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kitchen Remodeler: 3 Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Every Style and Budget

Kitchen cabinet doors usually take up the most visual space in any kitchen. As such, choosing the right material, design, and type of cabinet can easily help you recreate the style you want for your kitchen.
Whether you love a classic, timeless look or a chic and modern kitchen, you will usually have to choose from three basic types of cabinet doors. Each type of kitchen cabinet door can make any kitchen truly feel like the “heart of the home”, but choosing the perfect type can help you achieve your family’s preferred style with ease:
Inset Cabinet Doors
If you identify yourself as someone who values tradition, the style and look of inset cabinet doors may appeal to you. A popular choice for kitchens in the early 1900s, full inset cabinet doors show off superior craftsmanship like no other due to its design, lending an ageless and pristine look to any kitchen. This option is best utilized when working with a respected kitchen remodeler, such as Valley Home Improvement Inc., due to the immense precision required to build and install these doors.

Overlay Cabinet Doors
For those who aren’t interested in visible door hinges or those who want a little more functionality, partial overlay cabinet doors may be an attractive choice. This cabinet door leaves roughly half an inch of cabinet frame uncovered to allow the installation of more functional hardware. Overlay cabinet doors are usually the easiest type of door to construct, making it one of the most popular options.
Euro-Style Cabinet Doors
Looking for a more modern look for your new kitchen? Euro-style cabinet doors may be your preferred option. These cabinets cover the entire face of the box. It leaves no visible frame when closed, creating the sleek, consistent feel of an elegant kitchen. This style also provides you with more access to the contents of your cabinets, offering you a stylish and highly functional choice.
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