Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bathroom Remodeler Gives Tips to Improve Your Bath Without Renovating

Space constraints can certainly prevent you from improving the appearance of a room in your home, but a renovation isn’t the only way to do so. Take your bathroom, for instance. Even if you can’t change the layout, you can still make the space more beautiful in so many ways. Here are four creative ways to improve the look of your bathroom without tearing down the walls.

Coat the walls with bold colors

Splurge on a powerful color or combination of colors. Since bathrooms are generally smaller than other spaces, you can practically get away with vibrant, popping colors. If you’re not sure about painting the entire room, you can start small with drawer knobs or cabinet sections.

Add glam lights

Glam lights allow you to set the mood and add your own personality to the space. Take time to find a lighting color and style that complements your bathroom fixtures while offering a unique flavor to the space.

Go antique

Modern bathroom vanities are typically sleek and clean-lined, but they often offer very little in terms of personality. To make your bathroom truly distinctive, go for antique features, such as a Victorian- or Edwardian-era console, commode, or dresser.

Make storage spaces smarter

Do you have too little or too much storage spaces? You can add or reduce them to make them more functional and complementary. You can add open shelving to make the room look larger, or you can add doors to your shelves if you don’t want items such as extra toilet paper rolls to be seen.

Consulting a bathroom remodeler for tips can go a long way in helping you achieve the perfect look for your bathroom. The bathroom remodeler can also ensure that your update is done and completed in a professional manner.


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