Thursday, October 27, 2016

Home Additions vs. Making the Move: Which is Right for Your Situation?

A lot of changes have happened since you moved in to your house—you now have growing children, you’ve acquired more furniture and appliances, and your lifestyle has evolved drastically for your family. You now realize that your home is smaller and no longer suits your current needs.

Instead of selling your house and moving into another one, you may want to consider a home addition. Here’s how you can tell if this type of home renovation project makes more sense for your situation than moving.

When you move, everything is expenditure. In comparison, a well-planned and well-executed home renovation can raise your home’s value by as much as $150,000 which can more than offset the money you spend for the project. Thus, a home addition will be the better option if you want a bigger living space and to add value to your home.


If you enjoy living in your current neighborhood, then you’re probably keen on staying put, and a home renovation will serve to increase your residential enjoyment. Your family will shop at the same stores, meet the same people, and go to the same schools while making your home a more comfortable place to live in. Put simply, deciding on home additions instead of moving allows your family to remain in comfortable and familiar surroundings.


The physical layout of the property and the conditions of the lot are the best starting points for your evaluation. If you have a lot area that can accommodate an extensive renovation and you want to bring your home up to or slightly above neighborhood standards, a home addition can be the smarter choice.


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