Thursday, November 17, 2016

Which of These Three Popular Roof Choices for Sunrooms Is for You?

Do you love spending time outdoors to enjoy the view of your garden, but can’t stand the heat and the bugs? To fully enjoy the outdoors while indoors, you can turn your garden into a cozy sunroom with the help of an experienced contractor.

If you think a sunroom addition is a good idea, one of your first considerations to make the design work is to choose the right roof for it. Among the popular roofs used in sunrooms include gable, single slope, and glass roof panels. Find out more about these three types of roofs so you can choose which one is perfect for your home addition project. 

Gable roof

If you want to build a traditional sunroom, then choose the gable roof. This type of roof offers a classic look that offers more space and also allows for good ventilation. It is also designed to be resistant to all types of weather. With proper construction and adequate roof support, a gable roof can withstand strong winds.

Single-slope roof

A sunroom with a single-slope roof is the perfect choice if you want your sunroom to connect to your existing roof. Also called shed roofs, a single-slope is the go-to roof type for homeowners with a limited area for their sunroom. The angle of the roof allows snow and water to slide off easily, making it an ideal choice for places that experience heavy snow and rain.

Glass roof panels

Glass roof panels allow the sun to reach inside your sunroom while giving you an unrestricted view of the sky. With a glass roof, you’ll have less need for lighting during the daytime, and will enjoy watching the stars from the comfort of your own home at night.


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