Monday, October 3, 2016

Bathroom Remodeler on Why Geometric Shapes Are Perfect for Bathrooms

Bathrooms that employ geometric shapes and patterns exude a certain simplistic elegance. Complement the geometry with clean lines, minimal colors, and traditional furniture, and you can instantly transform your bathroom into a sanctuary for comfort and cleanliness.

Geometric shapes and patterns work well for bathrooms because of certain elements intrinsic to the bathroom design, such as tiles, faucets, sinks, mirrors, and other features. Due to their different shapes, each feature can be mixed and matched to achieve the geometrical look you’re going for, from sophisticated and imposing to bright and cheery, and everything in between.

Inspired by Nature

The reason that geometric shapes work well in the bathroom is because these designs are inherently nature-centric, taking their inspiration from natural elements such as the fish-scale, honeycomb, and herringbone. In a way, a geometric bathroom brings these outdoor elements to your indoor bathroom, making for a beautiful and stylish addition.

A Way to Soften Sharp Lines

Modern bathrooms tend to have sharp angles and strong curves that, while displaying a minimalist aesthetic, can come off as too harsh. To soften these sharp features, designers will often add a geometric pattern, such as circular or chevron designs, along with angular bathroom fixture additions with softened edges that provide a break for the eye.

Not Only for the Contemporary

The great thing about geometric patterns is that they can fit into a lot of design themes. Be it traditional, classic, contemporary, rustic, or an entirely unique design, a good designer and bathroom remodeler will be able to find a geometric pattern that works. For instance, your remodeler can combine modern geometric shapes with marble flooring for a soft, transitional look.

By working closely with your designer and remodeler, you will find the best way to make geometric patterns work for your planned bathroom addition.


Geometrics Shape Up the bath, For Residential

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