Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Multiroom Additions: 3 Tips to Cover All Bases from Start to Finish

Having one or two additions built into your home can add an extra touch of comfort. On the other hand, having three or more additions constructed at the same time can instantly change the dynamic and livability of your home--it may feel as if you’ve moved into a different home altogether!

Of course, planning multiple additions can be a little overwhelming for first timers. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you in properly planning the project:

Balance the New and the Existing

Don’t forget that you’re “adding” to your home, not building a new one. The size, shape, and location of your additions should never overwhelm or “eat up” the existing sections of your home. You’ll want to try to achieve both a visual and functional balance and this is where working with experienced contractors, like our team here at Valley Home Improvement Inc., really pays off.

Professional contractors can take into account the size of your original home so that it works well with your new sunroom, laundry room, and connected garage. Similarly, they can easily make an addition look and feel as if it’s always been there rather than something hastily put together after your home was constructed.

It Doesn’t Always Have to be Attached

Additions don’t always need to be attached to your home. It’s easy to fret over how four new additions can potentially ruin the existing visual and functional flow. In such cases, you may want to just have several detached additions instead. A little bit of landscaping and proper placement can produce a beautiful and comfortable garden deck fit for hosting barbecues and parties.

Don’t Overlook Leftover Space

Space is always a premium in homes, so it would be a shame to waste any leftover space on your floor plan. Unused space underneath staircases is a fantastic place to create a storage area for shoes, umbrellas, holiday decorations, and the like. Does your new living room or sunroom have an odd shape due to angled walls? You can place a round table and display a rare orchid or sculpture as your centerpiece d├ęcor. A creative eye can easily transform an afterthought space into a unique design element.


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