Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kitchen Remodeling Questions: Should You Splurge on a Walk-In Pantry?

A pantry is important in every kitchen because it offers the ideal place to store food supplies, kitchen appliances, and other cookware. It’s an essential feature in the kitchen that many homeowners want to have but can’t always build because of space and design limitations. Homeowners who choose to have them built find themselves asking how they could have gone so long without it.

Deciding on remodeling to have a walk-in pantry

If your home already has a pantry but is too small to be an efficient storage space, then you can simply renovate the space and put in a walk-in pantry. With a large pantry, you’ll have an easier experience storing food items as well as kitchen appliances and cookware that you may not want to keep in the kitchen cabinets or shelves.

Planning your walk-in pantry

When planning for your kitchen remodel, first assess the best way to access your pantry’s interior—will one door suffice, or will you need two? The best plan is to have two doors, as this will give you a large entryway in case you decide to store appliances, but if you only plan to store smaller items, then one door will likely be enough.

Designing the shelving

Shelves are what make a pantry very efficient, and your space needs to have a lot of room for shelves so you can maximize it for storage. It’s also important to consider whether you want to have permanent shelving or shelves that are flexible and can be moved around to suit your changing needs. There are pros and cons to each type of shelving setup, which you can discuss with your kitchen remodeler.

Walk-in pantries are perfect for chefs and home cooks who use a lot of tools to create great food,with many tools in their arsenal or the homeowner who likes to keep stock of food items for convenience.


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