Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Adding Living Room Comforts in the Kitchen with a Kitchen Remodeler

The kitchen can be a versatile space. Because you and your family spend a lot of time in the kitchen, making the area as comfortable as possible is a worthy investment. Cozy seating and a collection of personal photographs on display can make your kitchen a very pleasant and relaxing area, much like your living room.

To create this kind of space, your kitchen remodeler can take inspiration from your living room design. Taking elements from your living room and incorporating them in your kitchen will also make the transition from one space to the other seamless.

Comfy Sofas and Built-in Seating

Making space for a comfortable sofa in your kitchen is a good idea especially when you're used to hosting dinner parties that often end up in the kitchen anyway. Instead of placing a bulky sofa in your kitchen, you can have built-in banquettes or island seating instead. Meals are going to be more intimate with a banquette, and it can even double as your desk when you need to work while you prepare a meal.

Island seating, on the other hand, are very portable. You can tuck them underneath the kitchen island and simply pull them out when you have company.

Rugs and Other Fabrics

Placing a vintage rug on the kitchen floor or using kitchen-friendly fabrics can add visual interest in a space that's usually occupied by appliances and hard surfaces. A rug that's worn with time can also give the room a feeling of warmth, much like how it does when placed in the living room.

Personal Mementos and Beautiful Accessories

To make the kitchen feel as cozy as your living room, having built-in cabinets that also contain personal mementos like old photographs, some trinkets from your travels, and your favorite books is a refreshing idea. 

This kitchen trend — homey comfort — takes its cue from the living room, Los Angeles Times

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