Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Bathroom Remodeler Shares Some Interesting Trends and Revelations

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom for a much-needed upgrade, the latest U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study reveals that thousands of homeowners share your sentiments. Homeowners want stylish spaces with luxurious features, which can be achieved with a professional bathroom remodeler through any of the following means.

Replacing Major Bathroom Features

The same Houzz study reveals that more than four in five homeowners replace major features in their bathroom, such as the floors, countertops, and sinks. The showers are usually upgraded, too, in favor of replacing tubs or tub-shower combos. Most homeowners opt for materials like ceramic or porcelain tiles, marble or travertine tiles, and stone slabs made of granite or slate for a beautiful finish.

Increasing Shower Size

According to the renovators surveyed in the study, 75% of homeowners retained the size of the bathroom, and 68% of those remodeling their shower are increasing its space. Some would even make room for trendy items like large rainfall showerheads and request a 50% increase in the size of their showers. This would make it necessary to adjust or modify the rest of the bathroom features, so the overall look of the space is chic.

Installing High-Tech Accessories

Many homeowners are also keen on improving their bathroom through high-tech features like “smart” or automated showers, mood lighting, and self-cleaning toilets. These accessories help make showers more enjoyable to use, more relaxing, and easier to maintain. They turn the bathroom from a simple, utilitarian private space into a truly posh and luxurious asset of the home.

What’s important to note is that almost all of the homeowners surveyed by Houzz—90% to be exact—fulfilled the remodel with a professional. The master bathroom renovation is considered a major project, so enlisting a skilled remodeler is a must for the project to be smoothly and successfully carried out.

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