Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Big or Small: Maximizing Space with Help from a Bathroom Remodeler

Whether you have a spacious or a limited-space bathroom, there will surely be a way for you to make the most of the available space and have the design or layout you’ve always wanted, especially if you hire an experienced bathroom remodeler. A remodeler will know how to work with what you have and even go beyond what you expect.

What are the best ways to use available bathroom space?

If you have a roomy bathroom it doesn’t have to end up looking bare. In addition to the standard fixtures of tub/shower, sink and toilet, extra bathroom space can be used to create comfort and convenience with furniture for seating, shelves for extra storage, light stands and wall sconces.

Should you add fixtures or keep an open space in your bathroom?

The answer to this question mainly depends on what you like. Do you want a bathroom that has almost every amenity you desire? Or a bathroom that offers a bright and airy ambiance and extra room to move about? If you prefer the former, decide on the additional features you want and plan out the most efficient arrangement for the space. For the latter, it’s best to invest in the basic necessities and then focus on the design elements that will create the vibe you are looking for (e.g. using a monochromatic color scheme).

What are the possible uses of bathroom spaces?

Depending on the bathroom space available, you can choose to install anything from fixtures that serve as design details or d├ęcor and comfort enhancements like comfy furniture, a large tub, walk-in shower, or a double vanity. If you want to add more character to your spacious bathroom, you may opt for curved walls, arches, bump-outs, and varied rooflines. When maximizing bathroom space, make sure that all your needs and preferences are considered so that you’ll have both a beautiful and functional bath.

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