Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ask a Bathroom Remodeler and Other Tips: Bathtub Selection FAQs

For those who prefer to spend a bit of relaxation time in the bath (rather than just hitting the shower and running off), it’s easy to see that a bathtub is a mandatory fixture. How else can you soak in the exquisite goodness of scented bath salts or in the foamy delight of bubbles while listening to soft, relaxing music? If you’ve yet to set your mind on a particular type of bathtub, here are questions that may already be in your mind:

Where can you find the right bathtub?

Generally, bathtubs for sale can be found at your local home improvement store, furniture shops, and even online from established retailers that can ship to almost any state. By looking through the bathtub inventory of these establishments, you’ll soon be face to face with the tub that you can’t help but take home. To make things much easier, you could consult a bathroom remodeler who can give you valuable advice on selecting the best bathtub for your home.

How do you choose the best tub for your bathroom?

Of course, as any bathroom remodeler tells his or her client, you first have to decide on what the best bathtub is for you and your home. This will make your search easier and faster. The ideal bathtub should coincide with your bathroom’s design, such as contemporary or vintage, and be able to meet your personal needs and preferences.

What are the different factors to consider in choosing a bathtub?

When shopping for a bathtub, you primarily have to take into account its distinct type of style (e.g. 3-wall alcove, clawfoot, freestanding, drop-in), accompanying features or accessories (e.g. jets/bubbles, digital controls), material (e.g. cast-iron, copper, stone, acrylic and fiberglass), and overall cost. By considering the aforementioned factors, you can end up with a great tub that can comfortably accommodate you and provide you with the amenities you require for a relaxing bath.

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