Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3 Quick, Simple Makeover Ideas to Consider with Your Kitchen Remodeler

Who says kitchen remodels always need to be big projects? Sometimes, a quick and simple makeover like the following can already transform your space in a grand way:

A Fresh Coat of Color

Breathe new life into your kitchen by painting it a bright shade. Go for color palettes that are easy on the eyes, such as pastel pink and charcoal combinations or white and pastel blue hues. You can also design with painted wooden cabinetry or wall-mounted shelves and similarly finished countertops to refresh the look. Decluttering the space will also make your color scheme stand out!

Alternatively, you can infuse warm tones into a stark-looking kitchen by replacing the flooring with dark timber materials or wood-like ceramic tiles. Adopt a beach house vibe by designing with whitewash wooden floors and kitchen islands. Just add bursts of color by picking brightly painted seats and kitchen tools.

Making a Splash with a New Backsplash

Here’s another way to lessen the dullness of the kitchen design: install a new backsplash. You can make this the room’s center of attention by picking a bold pattern that contrasts plain walls and the muted colors of your decorations. If your kitchen is already loud in terms of colors or patterns, you can also choose minimalist backsplashes to tone down the aesthetic.

Elevating the Style with Ceiling Tiles

Have your kitchen remodeler install ceiling tiles to give the kitchen a distinctly chic character. Give a dominantly white room some dimension by using ceiling tiles with embossed patterns, or add a twist by using bright and intricate oriental patterns. Make a more dramatic statement with aluminum tiles crafted like carved wood or ornate copper tiles to complement Victorian-inspired designs.

Additionally, you can consider having hanging lamps installed to serve a decorative purpose and to adjust the lighting mood whenever you want to. You can either add contemporary hanging lights or opt for sophisticated classic chandeliers. Make sure you ask your contractor to check and upgrade the electric circuits, as needed.

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