Friday, April 15, 2016

Making A Sunroom From a Patio

There are several things that you can do with the patio of the house. To start with, you can turn it into a play area for your children. You can also turn it into a relaxation and study area where you can read or children can do homework. Want to entertain friends and family? Yes, the patio can be a good place for that as well.
Unfortunately, a patio is only as good as the weather permits. If you want to enjoy all of these images all year round, you might want to consider turning your patio into a sunroom so that you get to enjoy the outdoor environment without the hot and cold weather conditions that you would have if the area is not enclosed.

Contractors are able to transform the patio into a sunroom for you. When building sunrooms, the contractor looks at the size of the existing room or patio to determine the best method of installing windows, doors, a new floor if necessary, and other features. The contractor would also be able to offer ideas on how the room can be energy efficient.

When turning a patio into a sunroom, you need to have a stable floor, because much of the new structure will rely on it for foundation. Walls will need to be built up so that they can support the windows of the room. The roof will need to be designed so that it is thick enough to stand up to weather elements while providing the amount of sunlight that you want to seep in.
You can work with a contractor to get the exact design that you want with a few ideas from the professional along the way. The contractor will take into consideration all of the features that you want in the room while making suggestions about heating and cooling or the support structures.

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