Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sunrooms for the Uninitiated: Determining Function and Ideal Design

Many homeowners want to have a sunroom added to their properties. A sunroom is a room that is designed specifically to maximize the amount of sunlight let into a room. It allows you to have the feeling of outdoor living while still being located inside. Oftentimes used as luxury spaces for reading or relaxation, these make great additions to any home.

Typically, a sunroom is located on the side or the back of the house just off a door or a pair of French doors that once served as an exit for the home. It is usually just added onto a home so that it can provide the maximum view of the backyard or side yard of the property.

Location and Purpose

When you’ve decided on adding a sunroom, you should first determine where you're going to place it as well as its purpose. For instance, if you plan on having many plants in your sunroom, then that will affect the way your sunroom will be built. It's best to consult a contractor who can advise you on all your options. Youshould always take into consideration the climate that you live in. For instance, whereas a screened sunroom might suffice in a tropical area like Florida, a four-season sunroom that is heated and cooled might be more appropriate for an area that experiences all four seasons.


To ensure that you have a well-built sunroom, you should hire experienced contractors. They can show you several sunroom design options if you still have no concrete concept of what this space should look. If you already have an idea of how your sunroom should look, these professionals can help realize this idea and add to it to make it better suit your home’s overall design.

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