Monday, January 12, 2015

Northampton Home Improvement: 3 Bathroom Trends to Consider in 2015

Perhaps a spa theme would be the most generally preferable design that users of the same bathroom can agree on. Who wouldn’t want to start each day and end each night in a luxurious, relaxing retreat? Ideally, the bathroom would be spacious and accommodate the needs and unwinding penchants of its users, such as rainfall showers with automated temperature settings, soaking tubs, heated floors or towel racks, or even saunas. Aside from these considerations, you should plan for designated storage spaces and any preferences for privacy. You can incorporate separate drawers, vanities, and dressing rooms into the master bath’s design to allot sufficient space for each user. You can even install a closed toilet room and enclosures for your shower and/or tub to enhance each person’s privacy.

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